Upgrade to New OPSTrax V2 Build

The following steps will guide you on how to upgrade your version of OPSTrax V2 to the latest version

These instructions are specific to shops running older builds of OPSTrax, and is required in order to take advantage of it's latest features.

To successfully complete your upgrade please perform the following steps.

Please note: OPS highly suggests you use the OPSTrax V2 build that is integrated within your shop management system. Any stand alone use of OPSTrax V2 should only be used in specific cases where the integration may not be accessible.

1. Click https://install.opstrax.com/v2/latest/setup.exe to download the setup.exe file. Depending on your browser, the file may automatically be saved to your "downloads" folder within Windows.

2. Double click the "Setup.exe" file and click "Run" to start the install.
3. After running the installer, the OPSTrax V2 application will automatically start up and bring you to the login interface. If your login shows version than you have successfully completed the upgrade. 

Enter your login information and select the estimating systems that your shop uses to resume the normal operative use of OPSTrax V2. 

4. If you are unable to complete these steps please give us a call, chat or send a support ticket by visiting our support department homepage at http://support.opstrax.com/ 

Phone - 877-873-8729 option 2 (Open Monday to Friday from 6:30am - 7:00 pm CST)
Chat: http://support.opstrax.com/customer/portal/chats/new
Support Ticket: http://support.opstrax.com/customer/portal/emails/new