Updating Linea Pro 5 Scanners

A quick guide to updating the scanner firmware

Some scanners are dropping characters after the laser reads a barcode on a part.


In Safari, navigate to the website:

  • update.opstrax.com/index4.html

  • Select “Linea Firmware” from the list


A dialog box will pop up asking to install.

  • Select “Install” to install LibraryDemo


From the home screen

  •  Click on LibraryDemoto open it.


When running LibraryDemofor the first time, you will see a prompt saying:
Device not connected. This is expected and is completely normal.

  • Please click on the side “SCAN” button on the scanner.


The application will connect to the scan sleeve and this screen will come up.

  • Click on “Settings”


Scroll down to the very bottom

  • Select “Update device firmware”



  • Select “Update”


Wait as the firmware updates


Once the device firmware is completed

  • Select “Update barcode firmware”


  • Select “Update”


  • Select “Update”

Note: There may not be an update firmware screen and will just return back to the settings screen. The firmware however is updated.


Go back to the home screen

  • Press and hold down on the LibraryDemoicon until it starts to jiggle

  • Click the “X” on the top left corner of the icon

This will delete the application from the scanner.